Anyone For Pizza? For Breakfast?!

We all love a good pizza, don’t we? In a nice Italian restaurant with a glass of red. A quick snack from a street vendor during a busy day at lunch and as a family meal where you’re able to all sit down together and enjoy the same meal as the kids.

I think it’s fair to say that not many of us associate a pizza with breakfast however, which is the reason I decided to write this article.

Piece of advice.  Making the dough in a high quality bread maker, is WAY easier than doing it by hand.  I use one and saves me so much time.

Sure, a spicy deep pan meat feast at 6.30am probably isn’t going to work for most, but the following breakfast pizza recipes will provide a delicious breakfast that will really set you up for the day.

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1. Western Pizza

To make this, you should need the following:


Biscuit pizza crust dough – 1
Cooking oil – 1 tsp
Finely chopped green pepper and finely chopped onion – ¼ cup
Pizza Sauce – 75 ml
Chopped cooked ham – cup
Large eggs – 4
Water – 30 ml and salt.

Preparation method:

Roll out the pizza dough and press in greased 12 inch pizza pan forming rim around edge. Use small frying pan to heat cooking oil and add pepper and onion until it softens. On the meantime, mix ham and green pepper mixture in small bowl. Spread sauce over crust up to rim. Now sprinkle the mixed ham and green pepper mixture over top of sauce. After that, beat eggs, water, salt and pepper together in medium bowl. Pour it over all and bake on bottom rack in 190 degree Celsius for about 20 minutes. Have the western pizza with 30g carbohydrate and 2g dietary fiber for breakfast.

2. Ham Puff Pizza


Pizza crust dough – 1
Cooking oil – 1 tsp
Canned flakes of ham with liquid – 2 x 184g
Finely chopped celery – 2/3 cup
Onion powder and seasoning salt – ¼ tsp
Light salad dressing – 1/3 cup and 300 ml
Tomato slices – 15
Grated medium cheddar cheese – 1 cup

Preparation method:

Similar to the above, prepare pizza dough. Then poke holes all over with fork. Bake on bottom rack in 220 degree Celsius for about 10 minutes. Brush crust with cooking oil. Mix the ingredients i.e. canned flakes of ham with liquid, finely chopped celery, Onion powder and seasoning salt, and light salad dressing together in medium bowl and spread over crust. If needed arrange tomato slices over top.

Next, stir the second amount of salad dressing and cheese together. Broil 6 inches from heat for 3 to 4 minutes until pizza puffs and starts to brown lightly. And now your Ham Puff Pizza is ready to serve.

Hope you love the above recipes, try it and have delicious breakfast in 10 to 20 minutes.
Dessert pizza is another fun option you have if you are serving pizzas. You can make a S’more pizza’s, sugar cookie fruit pizzas, and even apple strudel pizzas.

The creativity behind making pizzas is not only designated to dessert pizzas. There is a large amount of creativity that can be put into any type. Use your imagination and make a dinner party, super bowl party, kid’s birthday party, brunch, or a dessert better by making it with pizzas.

If you do not find yourself to be very creative, talk to your local pizzeria. They will likely have many ideas for whatever you plan, and they will probably be willing to make it happen for you. If you plan out your various parties carefully, it is likely that most people will be happy with this classic meal.

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